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Supporting the Suicidal and Suicide Bereaved

This is a MHSS Specialty Course. To register to MHSS specialties you must first complete the core MHSS course - either online or via a 2-day workshop.


Learning to recognise the signs that someone may be close to suicide and knowing what to do to prevent them carrying it out is a crucial stream of knowledge for the person who would offer effective social support. It forms half of this course. Sadly, sometimes as a community we fail and the suicide goes ahead. The other half of this course is comprised of information, tips and strategies on how to help and support those who suffer the consequences: that is, the survivors, the suicide-bereaved.

We assume that you have successfully completed the Mental Health Social Support course, and thus have learned the basic micro-skills of social supporting. You may not have had more training in the helping arts than that. We do not assume that you have more professional helper training than this, but even if you are a qualified counsellor, psychologist, social worker, or other mental health helper, you will still benefit from the practical information and activities, including some case studies to work through, which are contained in this course.

Aims of the Course

The overall aims of the course are to help you:

  1. Understand suicide more deeply, by becoming aware of current statistical trends about suicide in Australia, and by knowing about the elements that are common in suicide.
  2. Offer effective support to those who may be suicidal, by being able to identify warning signs that someone may be suicidal, and knowing crucial prevention tips and actions suicidal people can take for themselves.
  3. Effectively console the suicide-bereaved, through increased understanding of the many manifestations of grief and through being able to offer multiple strategies to help them cope.

Prerequisite: MHSS Core Course

Course duration: 8 Hours

Cost: $249



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