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Supporting Challenged Families

This is a MHSS Specialty Course. To register to MHSS specialties you must first complete the core MHSS course - either online or via a 2-day workshop.


The Supporting Challenged Families specialty will help those extending social support to families that are challenged by recent or current transitions. We assume that you have graduated from the Mental Health Social Support course, and thus possess both the basic counselling micro-skills and also a general understanding of how to extend social support to people.

Aims of the Course

The aims of the course are that, upon successful completion of it, you will understand:

  1. The basic functions that a family unit serves (for the individual, the family, and the wider society).
  2. How to recognise when those functions - and often the physical and/or psychological safety of the individuals in the family - may be at risk due to transitions challenging the family, especially in the following situations:
    • Families becoming single-parent households due to death or separation;
    • Blended or step "remarried" families;
    • Families composed of same-sex couples with children;
    • Families who experience domestic violence;
    • Families where a member has suffered a disability, illness, or serious injury;
    • Families experiencing significant stress due to one parent working away from home base.
  3. How to best support the family, enhancing its resilience, in the given situations. To achieve this we include a range of resources for you to tap into in order to extend your helping efforts.

Prerequisite: MHSS Core Course

Course duration: 8 Hours

Cost: $249



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