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As well as the everyday stresses in life, there are natural and accidental disasters with which we are all familiar. The 2011 Queensland floods, for example, directly affected many thousands, and more than 62,000 people registered to assist with the clean-up in Brisbane’s worst-affected suburbs. These volunteers and many others throughout QLD, other states of Australia, and elsewhere offered support, compassion, encouragement, and guidance where it was needed. Support for those affected psychologically came from mental health workers co-ordinated by local and state government leaders.

Whether major or minor, disasters inevitably cause direct trauma to victims, but also affect those near them. Much like an iceberg, the impacts of tragedy are clearly evident at one level, but may be less evident -- yet just as traumatic -- at another, “below the surface”, level. Thus, just as there is support at the visible, public level, there is also support needed at the less public, less visible level. Often this is where the supportive work of ordinary citizens takes place. The support person may be a neighbour, a relative or friend, the local hairdresser, a caring taxi-driver, or the local librarian. All of these and others, whether knowingly or just instinctively, may have provided Mental Health Social Support to people who require it.

Mental Health Social Support (MHSS) is a short course that can equip you with the skills needed to be more effective in supporting those directly or indirectly exposed to sudden or long-term stress and trauma. You will learn the core skills of helping and also how to recognise when there is a need for a person (a victim’s family member, for example) to be referred on to more advanced levels of help, such as to counsellors, doctors, or the police.



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